BakeNinja is a hub where you can find local creations and a one stop shop for all of your cake and baked goods needs! Talented and passionate bakers around the world open a shop and add yummy products. Customers will be able to find local bakers and cake artists, request quotes for customized creations and manage orders. Please note that BakeNinja screens all shops and  products and has the right to disapprove shops that do not meet our standars. This is to assure that we have a community of awsome bakers!

Baked goods such as pies, breads, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, macarons, brownies and customized cakes. Other products include packaged and non-packaged candies, chocolate, and pastries.  Non-edible cake toppers and baking decorations can be listed as well. For more details on product listing please visit our Terms of Services.

Of course! Through BakeNinja Express we do the shopping for you. Shoot us an email hello@bakeninja.com and we’ll make it a piece of cake. This is great for individuals with busy schedules, event planners or corporate events. Please note that currently this service is only available in Ontario, Canada.

Your currency is determined based on the country that you have specified in your user profile.

Well that’s embarrassing and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please send us an email.

Please check your Spam or Junk folder and add hello@bakeninja.com to  your safe sender list or address book. 


If you see a product that you like and is being offered in your area, click on the Request button and connect with the baker for details such as customizations, price and delivery.

If you would like a completely customized creation, click on Custom Order Request button in the baker’s profile and add details such as event date, price range, other customizations and attach images. In both cases, the baker will be notified and contact you regarding your order.

The delivery is arranged by you and the baker. Some bakers will deliver to your venue and others may ask you to pick-up at an agreed location. Delivery fees may be applied depending on the baker. You can check delivery details on the baker’s profile and/or ask upfront when requesting an order.

You can pay for your order as per the baker’s payment options which is not offered through BakeNinja at this point. Some payment options include, E-Transfer, cash, PayPal, Credit Card or cheque.
Remember to not share any personal or financial information if you are uncertain about the baker. Please note that BakeNinja is not responsible for arranging payments or any payment disputes.

No. We don’t take any fees from the customers. 

Baking requires a lot of effort and preparation! Many bakeries and bakers may ask for a non-refundable deposit especially for larger orders.

Any custom-made product costs more because it requires more effort and details. Think of a custom car or house.  Remember that you are paying for the design, ingredients, materials, equipment, tools and the many, many hours and days of work and preparation.

The price in the search result is a rough price range. The final quote depends on many elements such as serving size, ingredients, details and the overall design.

Ordering though BakeNinja will help both you and the baker to track information and communication.  Also, in case of any issues we can mediate. However, if the communication has been taken offline, we cannot provide much support.  

In an event of cancellation you need to contact the baker and express your concern. If your order has been cancelled, chances are that you were not willing to make a deposit or agree on the price or the baker  is unavailable for the requested date.

We are sorry to hear that. No one likes a bittersweet product! If your product is not according to what you and the baker agreed, you can follow-up with the baker and express your concern. Remember to be reasonable and professional. It is important to set expectations before you place an order and ask for the baker’s refund policy. Please note that BakeNinja is not responsible for product disputes.


Good things come to those who bake! If you're a baker, pastry chef, wholesale distributor, cafe, or a caterer and make yummy creations you can create a shop! You must comply with your city’s food handling and food sale jurisdiction(s). Please note that BakeNinja has the right to remove users and/or content that violates our Terms of Services. 

Whether you already own a blog or an e-store or have no web presence, BakeNinja will offer the following which will help you manage and grow your business. The BakeNinja advantage:

  • Access to a new sales channel 
  • Free to join 
  • Reach more customers and enhance discoverability of your products and shop   
  • Customize and manage your product types, flavors, sizes, location, social media and other links 
  • Single source to promote your brand, track orders, and communicate with clients
  • Increase traffic to your existing site(s) and social media
  • Save time and money creating your own website and SEO

No! All bakers can create a shop and add products free of charge.  

Once you have logged-in, you can create a shop by clicking “Create New” and continue to specify details about your products, flavors, delivery information, social media, and occasions that you cater to. 

Once your shop is created , select the “Add a New Product” button or the plus icon and you can add products! The more products you add, the easier it is for costumers to discover your shop and request orders!

Reviews are meant to be honest and appropriate. If a review is negative, it may be that the customer is genuinely not happy with the product and/or your customer service. This is an opportunity to improve. However, if a review contains inappropriate language or content that violates our guidelines, BakeNinja has the right to remove the content and/or the user. You can report inappropriate reviews to us at hello@bakeninja.com.

Is you picture yummy enough?
A picture says a thousand words! Customers make decisions based on pictures that you have listed. You may have the best tasting treats but if the picture is not appealing, customers may be hesitant to place an order.  

Reviews matter! If you have positive reviews, customers are more likely to approach you. It’s important to ask your new and existing clients to add sweet reviews!

You may have the perfect products and reviews but you may not be offering services to specific areas.

Number of Products

Try to add products frequently with clear information and high-quality images.  The more products you add, the easier it is for costumers to discover your shop and request orders!

The fact that you are receiving order requests means that your shop is appealing and that’s great news! Here are some reasons that you may not be receiving orders:
Your prices may be too high for the customer’s budget or the customer has found a lower quote. You should try to provide a reasonable price range.

Customer Service
It is important to provide exceptional customer service. It is easy to misunderstand or misinterpret messages or certain behaviors online. Here are some tips:

  • Be polite, professional and mindful
  • Respond within a reasonable time-frame
  • Acknowledge your customer’s needs
  • Don’t over-promise or accept orders that you know you will not be able to deliver
  • Follow-up with your customer but don’t over-do it or intimidate the customer

Apart from the flavors, size etc, you must explain your cancellation process and fees that are associated to it. In addition, delivery charges, payment terms, and lead times must be indicated upfront.

If a customer has cancelled an order, you need to follow-up and exercise your cancellation fees/policy. It is critical that the customer is aware of your cancellation policy before confirming an order.

If there is a dispute regarding the payment, you need to follow-up with the customer based on your policies and/or city’s jurisdiction. Please note that BakeNinja is not responsible for payment disputes.